Beta Fish - How to introduce him to other fish

  • Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if someone could give me so advice how I can introduce my beta fish to new fish. I have always heard they are very territorial and attack other fish. I'm afraid to put him with other fish because of this but his small tank is getting old and I would like to put him in a larger aquarium with other fish. Is this possible and how would I do it without causing him harm or other fish harm?

  • Welcome to the community!

    Yes! Betta fish can be in a community tank setup, and can easily be introduced to other fish in a community setup as well. I would recommend that you try to introduce them slowly and over time (this can be done by placing their tank if it is smaller enough into the bigger tank, take their smaller cup if newer and place them into the tank). As with any new fish into a community tank with other members, the older fish will always try to make a pecking order with the new fish and inspect them.

    Over time this should go away and the betta fish will get used to the community. Just make sure that you have the water current not too high as with the high fins of the betta fish, a high current can end up stressing and killing the fish as it is unable to move around without high effort.

    There won't be any harm as long as the fish in the community tank are the same size as the betta, and are of compatible fish species for a community tank with a betta.

    Let us know if you have anymore questions and how it goes!