Do you have a Riparium, Terrarium and/or Vivarium?

  • Do any of you have a Riparium, Terrarium and/or Vivarium setup at all? If so what plants did you use and how do you like the whole vibe of doing something completely different? I'm curious on setting one up but have a few questions about it since all of the local groups that I've been able to find on Facebook or Twitter tend to be less enthusiastic when it comes to this subject and rather point me towards how I should setup a regular planted tank or add plants to a pond if I have one. Some groups even will suggest on looking online or asking local plant growers on such a subject since it seems to steam from them trying new things out and not really trying out new things when it comes to the aquarium world.

  • I’m actually looking into setting up a terrarium, or perhaps just a simple planted vase. I’m running out of house space/wife patience for more large tanks, so I’m looking for smaller options. Have joined a couple FB groups to see photos for inspiration.