Server & Software Upgraded

  • Hello!

    I'm sure that you can tell that even smallest of things are starting to look slightly different, and the speed has increased by a large portion for mobile users. We've completed the upgrade on our software which AquariaKnowledge uses, and here are some of the more important changes which you may notice (and some that aren't yet implemented by us but will be soon):

    • Trophies - We will soon be adding in trophies that everyone can collect and show off on their profile. We'll release more on this as we add in a few trophies for you to start to collect and hunt down.
    • Search Improvements - The search bar has been improved to allow for more results to appear, and to search deeper into the content to give you all possibly relevant results.
    • Profile Pages - Every registered account now has more unique control over what they profile page looks like, including from have threaded comments posted to a profile page cover photo to show more about who you are.
    • Automatic Similar Thread Search - Whenever you make a new thread, there will be a small list that will show of possible related threads in order to see if your question already has an answer.
    • AMP (Accelerated Guest View) - Improvements made to significantly reduce loading times on all pages for mobile device users.
    • Support for Desktop Notifications - If you want to stay in the loop without always having to reload the page, we will now send you desktop notifications (if you enable them) for new posts, threads, conversations, etc.
    • Better Sidebars on Smartphones - Before we had the sidebar on the top or the bottom of the page, but now we list a small toggleable option for the sidebar at the header of every page.
    • Parallelized Upload of Media Assets - Now when you select multiple options to upload at once, instead of them uploading one by one, they will now all upload in parallel in order to improve the speed and reduce wait time on each image.

    Although these are not all of the new features that have been added, we are always listening in on how to better improve the website and community for everyone who uses it. If you have any suggestions, ways that we could improve, or ideas that you would think would fit our community better, please let us know!

    As always, I hope to see you swimming around on here!