New here

  • Hi all! I'm from South Carolina and I've been interested in fish for as long as I can remember. I only had goldfish growing up but as soon as I was out on my own I diversified and had aquariums in pretty much every apartment I had. Fishing (humanely) has always been a big part of my life too.

    Currently I'm without fish but looking to get back into the hobby, figuring out fish compatibility etc.

    Looking forward to talking with you all!:)

  • Welcome to the community! Hopefully we can take that interest that you have always had, and turn it into a multi-tank hobby!

    Do you know any types of fish that you were interested in learning more about, or possibly getting?

  • Hi Avery.

    I would love to do a more intricate saltwater setup this time around, but I've just moved house so I want it all to go with the style of my new place, as well as be aesthetically pleasing and relatively hassle-free in terms of maintenance. I have always kept my tanks fairly basic, but I think I want to go larger this time, and add some cool rocks, plants and other features. No idea yet as to exactly what type of fish, but I'm thinking of posting some pics of the final result on here once I figure it all out.

  • I feel you on that one, saltwater fish and corals look amazing, but always have a ton of maintenance in order to keep the correct salt levels, temperature, lighting, etc. Totally keep us in the loop when you do decide to start this project since I've love to see each step of the process and how it turned out!

    I'd love to have a saltwater tank, and totally agree with you on how its more of the "go big or go home" type of thinking when you want a centerpiece for not only a room or two, but for the whole house in general.