55 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium

  • After a long time frame of finally getting all of the required products and lace rock, I have started to add in the first few fish to my aquarium! Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to add in some more along with adding in some of the flora that I plan on growing inside of this aquarium. Below are the specs to my aquarium, and below that are some of the photos from what it currently looks like. I tried to make it look like a reef like tank (with all of the lace rock), but wanted to have more plants in the background with some on the ace rock. To add to this I plan on having Amazon Swords on the sides to cover up areas but also to allow for the fish to have a place to hide or escape out of the water current.

    Aquarium Information

    Tank: 55 Gallon (Top Fin)

    Light Fixture: Beamworks Planted Plus LED Light (48")

    Substrate: CaribSea Eco-Complete Black Gravel (4x 20lb Bags)

    Filters: SunSun HW-302 (2x)

    Fauna: Zebra Danios (10x), Chinese Algae Eater (2x)

    Flora: Anubias Congensis (2x), Anubias Frazeri (2x), Java Fern (2x), Rosette Sword (2x)

    Full Tank Photograph

    Left-Hand Side of Aquarium

    Right-Hand Side of Aquarium

    Dual Canister Filters (SunSunHW-302 models)

  • I just added in all of my fish that I wanted to get for the time being (going to see how it pans out with the community vibe and also the them swimming around), along with a few plants. I plan on adding in other additional plants in order to soak up some of the waste from the fish, and so I can charge up my substrate and then have it slowly release nutrients into the water for either root based plants or ones placed on the lace rock.

    When I get the additional plants I'll go ahead and update with some more photos which show not only the fish, but the whole aquascape that I have going on.

  • I think I'm just going to leave it as the lace rocks, and then add in a ton more plants. So far I'm trying to just find a good layout and have it to where the fish want to swim in view but can swim behind view.

  • I originally had the tank through a TopFin 55 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit ($130) on sale, each canister filter was $55 (2x), the heater was $27 on Amazon, the substrate was about $80 for 5 bags of Eco-Complete Gravel, glass versa top lids were $17 each (2x), LED light fixture was $55 on Amazon, the stand was about $95 at Walart, and lastly the lace rock was $20 (lucky I found someone in my area who was tearing down their reef tank and sold me roughly 80-120lbs of lace rock for dirt cheap).

    All in all, probably about $600 easy if you include everything and that isn't including fish or plants which I'm still stocking both.

    Would I do it again? Probably not, atleast I would buy things differently. For example, the front part of the glass of this tank has some nice scratches in the glass on the inside was run along nicely (and are highly noticeable). Whenever I decide to redo this tank, I'll probably switch the front with the back and pray that there aren't any in the glass on the back.

  • Looks nice. Love the lighting!! I also use the versa-tops. I got lucky and got a cool light from a cosmetic reset ( from a grocery store) Its sits nicely on top of the versa-top and even has two outlets on top.