Do you use Air Pumps?

  • Personally I find that there is little reason for me to run them as they are extremely loud, tend to splash water all over the lid, and can mix things that you spray into your room's air into the water itself. I mostly use power-heads when I'm looking for the extra water circulation at the top or I use a spray bar to make sure that you can hear the water moving around. Plus the fish tend to love it since they know where the current is at and where to avoid unless it's feeding time (by having current at the top they avoid that area mostly and won't really jump out or try to jump out anymore).

  • Well as it is like a backup for filter outlet, I believe it would do good, if people started using them. Until now I haven't tried using one but lately I have been thinking of getting one.

  • I like ti know what kind of air pumps out there? got to be different ones for each tank from speed to high pressure washer

  • I think you have to look at what other filtration you have and decide if that is providing enough oxygen for the aquarium. I think most filters don't add enough oxygen to the water because they don't agitate the water enough to push oxygen into it. Also, in the summer time when the water warms up it has a lower capicty to hold oxygen so an air pump is super helpful to add that oxygen.