How long have you been in the hobby for?

  • Since everyone gets into the aquarium hobby through different means (parents, friends, or just wanting to dive in), what/who lead you to become an aquarium owner and how long have you been in the hobby for? Did you ever get personally tired of having to deal with the price/cost, or the maintenance required in dealing with upkeep for the aquarium to make it look good.

    If you were introduced to this hobby by someone, is that person still in the hobby? If so, what have you learned from them that you might not have learned/known from the start?

  • For me, I was the little kid in the pet store that would walk past the puppies and kittens and go straight to the fish section. When I grew up and got an apartment of my own, I got my first aquarium (a saltwater). I’ve moved multiple times for school/work, but kept tearing down and setting up aquariums. Currently I m most passionate about planted freshwater and shrimp aquariums. In all, I’ve been active in the hobby since about 2002.

  • I got my first set of goldfish when I was 6. It was your typical little bowl aquarium. I didn't think much of them at the time but I grew to love having fish in my life. I later became more involved in the hobby and found them really relaxing to look at during my school years. Especially in college. I remember having barely any room in my college apartment but still designating enough space for a decent sized aquarium. So all in all over 25 years now.