Do you ever wonder about the floor that is supporting your marine aquarium?

  • When setting up your reef, marine, or even brackish aquarium, was the weight that would be put onto your floor factored in?

    I've seen many setups that are custom made and were additional support beams (if they inside of a wall, for example) have to be created due to the weight of the whole tank. In many cases I know that this is something that seems to be like any floor would support (if on the first level of a building, of course), but sometimes it can cause some heavy damage to tile or wood floors.

    For example, the rough weight of a gallon of "aquarium water" (including the rough amount of gravel, decorations, and water weight) for 1 gallon can be anywhere from 10-14lbs dependent on what is in the aquarium. It might not seem like a lot of weight, but if you have a 55 gallon tank that ends up being roughly 550lbs - 770lbs just for the aquarium's inside weight (not including the stand, equipment, and empty tank weight).

  • Before I add in any aquarium to my house, I ALWAYS make sure to note where I want it, and if that given surface can actually support the weight I want to put on it.

    Don't be like me, and place your aquarium on tile only to find out after having it filled that the tile broke (or when moving the aquarium out that the tile piece it was broken completely). It'll save you not only money in the long run, but also the headache of having to replace a single piece of tile or wood that might not be made anymore (or the dye lot is different so it clearly looks like the wrong piece of tile being there).