New Style Released

  • Hello,

    As you can tell, things have certain improved and the look of the website and forum has changed! We've updated our whole look in preparation for our newly redesigned logo, which is on the finishing touch stage before it will be fully released. In our to fit in with the vibe of the aquarium community, we've made sure that the colors match a ocean vibe, and all of the images shown are based on the ocean. In the near future when we start to have monthly contents, the winners will be selected to be placed on the header navigation (that changes periodically and changes to different images per page load).

    We're still awaiting for the next major release of the forum software that we use, as it will add some new features that we plan to highly use. A sneak peak of these features including trophies, so that if you win a content, hit a certain post amount, or post/create a thread in a specific area you will be rewarded permanently on our community. Other fixes will include being able to have a "Contact Us" form that will send an email directly to the administration team in order to help you out in case you get locked out of your account, some search engine fixes, and additional smaller features that will turn your profile into your own personal social networking page for this community.

    If you'd like to see something added to this community, please let us know! We're still getting the general touches worked on before we release out all of our content (that we currently have), and can always add in for features that you'd love to have!

    As always, I hope to see you swimming around on here!

  • As a small update, I've fixed some of the language aspects that were incorrectly translated from German to English (mostly due to our forum software being a German based company). I've tried to check everywhere, but let me know if you spot something that is spelled incorrectly, or has a broken link.

    I'd also love to hear all of your feedback regarding the new style, what do you like about it, and what do you honestly hate about it?

    Thank you!

  • The new style looks amazing! I love how the background is of what appears to be ocean waves, but has been darkened to appear to also look like sand and ice on top of it. Plus, the colors really do make a difference in what you see first and how the whole vibe of this website is.

    I'm digging the new profile layout, where you can select to have either some basic options show in the header or even the more advanced details show in the header for your profile. I haven't checked if the time is either the time that the website is on, or if it updates to your own custom time (maybe someone can answer this for me).

    Any update/progress on the logo? I'd love to see a small sneak peak before it's fully released and added to the header!