• Do we have any gaming fans here? I'm on a gap year and not doing much at the moment so I tend to have quite a lot of time to game. I play on the PlayStation 4 and tend to just play either FIFA 18 or Fortnite Battle Royale (which I am absolutely addicted to right now).

  • I mostly play on my PS4 and play games such as Gran Turismo Sport, GTA V, Fortnite (Battle Royal), Planetside 2, Final Fantasy X, Ark, etc. I play plenty of other different types of games, but it's hard to name off all of them including those that have no online multiplayer aspect.

  • I'm a PS4 fan but would like to get into computer gaming.

    Thinking about getting a gaming pc and double it as a crytocurrency miner.

    You'll have to get a powerful PC for that. Even if you have a strong PC you can barely get anything.

  • Another PS4 player here. I really enjoyed the Uncharted series and The Last Of Us. I was kind of sad to finish the Uncharted games and hope The Last Of Us 2 comes out soon. Seems to be taking a long time.