How do you sterilize your quarantine tank after an infection has occurred?

  • A vast majority will use a quarantine tank to make sure that any possibly infections, diseases, or other diseases will show themselves before the livestock is headed to the main display tank. In doing so, the quarantine tank can see nothing at all if the livestock is healthy, or can possibly see fatal diseases being passed into it's area. We always think about making sure to use the correct medication for the livestock if they are infected, however how do you clean out the quarantine tank to make sure that anything is not spread from he previously held unhealthy livestock to the new, possibly healthy livestock?

    Do you use any common household items, or do you just make sure to clean the tank with aquatic medicine if you know what the outbreak disease was?

  • I normally would recommend to use vinegar along with some heavy duty sponge in order to get every aspect for just a general cleaning. If it was some form of fatal disease/parasite, I would do a bleach cleaning, followed up by vinegar, and then followed up by some heavy rinsing out scrubbing to avoid there being any trace or smell of either the type cleaning products used.

    I know that seems straight forward, and there are probably better options out there for sure. Anyone else use other products that are probably less "toxic" to fish or corals if not fully cleaned out?