Have you considered making a DIY chiller?

  • We all know that sometimes getting aquarium chiller can not only be pricey for the unit, but it can cause for a loud noise when it's running (similar to a refrigerator kicking on to cool the inside) and depending on where the aquarium is located, can be a pain. There are other methods in order to hide/make sure that the chiller is quiet, but sometimes these methods just don't work for a practice application and don't fit all situations that people are in.

    Have you ever thought about creating a DIY chiller? I've seen and heard of many people doing various things from having computer fans near their light fixture which is placed near the water's surface, to having a pump go through tubing which is held in iced water, and even to having a waterfall like effect in their sump to get the water to cool down even a few degrees. Would you ever consider trying to make a DIY chiller if buying one isn't an option, or wouldn't fit where you have your aquarium at?