Unable to search through the pages using the search bar

  • I'm not sure if this is a feature or something isn't turned on correctly, but trying to use the search bar does not allow (or show) any results for anything on a page. Instead it currently is only giving the options for "Articles, Posts, Threads. Selecting "Articles" does not return a basic search for even "Knowledge" which is odd since it's on the main navigation.

    I tried this on the home page as well since maybe the forum area is setup that way on purpose, however the same results occurred.

  • Thank you for reporting this, I also had noticed it when upgraded the system and checking around things.

    Speaking with the software developers, this will be addressed in their next release (should be a few weeks away if that). I'll let you know when this has been resolved, as of now the only way to look through pages is to manually do so.