Holiday gifts?

  • I'm looking to add a 20 gallon sump on the next Petco Dollar Per Gallon sale, along with replacing the pool filter sand substrate with Seachem Flourite and adding a PVC pipe overflow. Currently trying to design a efficient overflow by only using one intake pipe (two pipes inside of this one to manage the flow) and a spray bar type setup for the outflow. Besides that, I haven't really gotten anything major for the holidays for my aquariums.

  • I originally thought so as well, but it appears that is not the case. I'll keep updating the thread we have on this but it might be even later in the month, or next month. I haven't heard anything about it this time around from any of my sources so it is a shot in the dark, but based on the trends it should have already happened or happened last week. We've never really seen a late dollar per gallon sale start in January oddly enough.