Where do you get your plants?

  • The title says it all.:)

    I’m always scared of the chain pet store plant stock because of the likelihood of introducing unwanted pests and diseases into my water. For the past several months I’ve ordered exclusively from a few online private hobbyist sellers. I’ve had pretty good luck. Where do you guys get yours?

  • I normally tend to get this from local fish stores, sometimes the big chains (Petsmart/Petco) if they have good sales going on and I can get them for a reasonable price, otherwise I'll always end up going to local conventions or meet ups for various fish groups in my area to buy some.

    Biggest word of advice is to make sure that you clean them with vinegar and give them a good wash down on the roots, leaves, etc. to prevent any unwanted snails from getting in. Haven't heard too much about diseases being transferred (unless you put the water that was in the column in the tank or don't rinse the plant off at all) so wouldn't put too much thought into that aspect.