Where do you keep your fish tanks?

  • I tend to either keep my tanks in my living room or dinning room area, with some being inside of the bedrooms to add the natural vibe and also hear the water noise which makes it easier to sleep. I don't really tend to put them anywhere else since I run into the problem of no one really seeing any of them, or they are in an area that is too popular or not really well picked for a aquarium to be setup and running in.

  • I mostly keep mine in plain areas, or places where they can be shown off. Mostly tend to have the largest one in the kitchen/living room, followed up by smaller ones inside of the bedrooms, and even have had one in a loft where it was a smaller tank but one that did get some attention. I would love to have one build into a wall, or somewhere that could be seen from both sides (similar to how those in various dentists have or other people related places).

  • Currently I have my beta in his small tank on my desk and my larger one is located in my living room so everyone can see the aquarium. I keep my big aquarium away from windows and more towards the back wall of my room. I don't want the fish to be exposed to direct sunlight because they are not use to that. I also have my air pump plugged in via extension cord because I keep the aquarium away from electrical outlets. (water and electricity bad bad)