What was your first type of algae that was in your saltwater tank?

  • Since this may vary from tank to tank, what was the first algae that you noticed in your tank? How did you treat it and remove it (if it has been removed, or if it is currently in your tank what plans of action did you use to reduce it or try to remove it)? Do you think that you got this type of algae based on something that you added to your tank, or on what equipment you were using?

  • One of the worst algae problems I had some years back came in the form of dinoflagellates. I had four fish die from it (suspected) and worst of all, it would keep coming back, even after I had cleaned the water and tried to regulate the balance of good and bad algae. I changed my setup completely after I got sick of dealing with it, and was only then able to finally keep it at bay.

  • I've got a relatively new salt tank. I'm getting purple hairy algae. Is this normal? My tests all come back very good. I have sailfin Tang and a red legged crab that are doing great. Should I worry about the algae?