Were you able to ever get your African Frogs to reproduce?

  • It might sound like an odd question, but somehow in a 5 gallon setup with just them I was able to get them to reproduce almost every week. This resulted in tadpoles being visible at the surface of the water, however I was unable to keep them alive for a long period of time. If you were able to have them reproduce, were you able to have them reproduce with any success in keeping the tadpoles alive?

  • I've never had direct experience with this type of frog.. but are you sure your setup was properly configured? Maybe you're missing something very simple that can easily be overlooked?

  • Unfortunately they somehow managed to all escape out of their 5 gallon enclosure over one night. I only was able to find 1 dried up body out of the 5, I have no idea where the others are at..

    I never was able to get the tadpoles to live too far off, only a few weeks before they were either eaten or just died (but never found a tadpole body stack on the substrate). I might try to house them again when I can get a better tank setup for their specific needs (maybe a 10 gallon this time to be taller), but they were really cool. Including at night every time the males would sing to attract the females (and how they interlock to mate together).