How frequently do you check your water parameters?

  • Since saltwater is not as "care-free" as compared to freshwater tanks, how frequently do you check your water parameters and salt concentration levels? Have you been able to master the art of figuring exactly out when you need to add more salt, adjust water parameters, or do a water change? Are there any signs that make you need to check them?

  • In the start I would check on them more frequently, so every day. Then it moved to every other day, and now it's about once a week just to make sure that the water has the correct salt concentration due to the rapid water loss where I live.

  • When I had my saltwater tank I would check the water twice a week, although I did occasionally get lazy and forego it sometimes. I think that's inevitable. Or else you just forget and kind of go with the flow until something seems a little off, lol.