Goldfish - The Pros and Cons

  • Many of us have had goldfish or something similar as kids but have probably noted they just don't seem to live very long. In other words, something gets them - usually disease I think. Anyway, what is your story with them?

  • I've never personally kept them but they tend to be the cheapest fish in a aquarium store and maybe first time fish owners get lured into keeping them in those tiny bowls. If anything many people pass up the other fish since cost wise it seems like the best investment (why pay $1-3 per fish when you can get a goldfish for $.10-.35).

  • Goldfish are sort of like the common starter fish for everyone, and they seem to draw in people who have no real interest in fish - I think therein lies the problem. Quite often, people will only invest in a small bowl or tank, and neglect to take proper care of the fish. With the result that they die of ammonia poisoning (from still water that isn't properly oxygenated), or because the fish swim in their own waste because the water isn't cleaned. Stress is also a factor, and because they can be too active for a small bowl, they die off pretty easily. They can live to be over ten years old though, if properly looked after.