Jellyfish - Beautiful yet Deadly

  • They say some of them or maybe all can literally live forever as they can regenerate body parts. Isn't this cool and it's something especially cool for science? Would it be the key to immortality? Well, not really, but something to think about.

    Anyway, as the title suggests and probably as some have unfortunately experienced, they can have some painful stings and perhaps be deadly to certain people and animals.

  • I was once stung by a jellyfish and I found it pretty traumatizing to be honest. Not even so much the pain or redness, but just the look and texture of the jellyfish itself. It was a large one, and they look quite frightening, especially when you're as young as I was when I got stung.

    I wouldn't say I have a phobia of them now, but I'm sure I'm not too far off developing one.