When will the logo be replaced?

  • Any idea on when the logo will be replaced? I understand that the vast majority of this website is still under construction (and it appears that even the articles are being transferred over have been redone in terms of content), but the logo just looks off with it being the default one (I'm assuming).

    Are there any plans on it being replaced, or is that something that will be adjusted later on? Just curious since it may throw off any new visitors who use this website since the logo does not match nor have anything to do with the content.

  • I wouldn't give the owner a hard time on this. Logos can be a pain financially and creatively. However, though, yeah, a good logo would spice things up.

  • I am currently awaiting the rough drafts in Creative Studio from my Graphic Designer. I already have 2-3 different drafts approved, however the color scheme and other details will be made through each revision. I'm hoping by the end of this month I should have the final revision completed, so keep a look out since it the colors change then I also will be formatting the colors on the website to match or complement them.

  • Thank you for the reply, was just getting worried since I also see a lack of content that was moved over (not a bad thing fully just not sure what was going on). So far I love the new name and software, it really feels more premium and "in-sync" with each other vs. having to go to two totally different looking designs and layouts for the discussion board and the actual website.

  • That is correct, I'm still going over on redoing some of the navigation items to access various pages. Plus, the specific information on the pages before was too vague or contained incorrect wording/descriptions. I've been going over each page manually and updating the content to reflect a more easy, but highly detailed environment. Once we get the logo added and navigation menus sorted out (so it's not too confusing, too much selecting, etc.), I'll be adding more pages to the website that I have created/reviewed thus far.

  • As a graphics designer by hobby, a logo is very important to me and one of the very first things I do.

    It helps my brain categorize my business ideas better - and gives some sort of ethereal life to the project.

    Looking forward to your logo! It sounds like you've given it a lot of energy, I'm sure it's great.

  • For a reference, attached is the final revision of the logo. We're still adding various things to it to make it even more unique (and make the colors relevant), but it should be done and replaced across our whole website soon!

    I know it's been taking awhile, but making sure it's perfect and represents this community, it's users, and the hobby in general is key. Let me know what you all think!