What type of filter(s) do you use?

  • What type of filters do you use and why? Is there a reason why you decided to go with that given type, or was it included in your tank when you bought it?

  • So here’s what I’m running:

    60 gallon planted community:

    Filter 1 - Marineland Penguin 450. It’s okay...I’m not a fan of the bio wheel technology. It seems like an unnecessary gimmick.

    Filter 2 - Fluval U2 underwater filter. It is solely a backup. It is not rated for 60 gallon tank. But I am under stocked and is better than nothing in a pinch. I got it primarily to see if I liked the technology. It’s not bad so far.

    20 gallon heavy planted with shrimp and tetras:

    Filter 1 - Pennplax Cascade 150. it’s good...standard HOB

    Filter 2 - sponge filter attached to a Tetra Whisper 20 air pump. This is actually a very nice setup for the tank it’s in

    5 gallon Fluval Chi shrimp tank: standard stock filter that came with tank. I need to change it out for a small sponge filter