Do you keep snails inside of your aquariums?

  • Do you keep any snails instead of your aquarium on purpose (no accidental hitch hikers, etc.)? If so what species do you keep in their and what is your reasons for doing so?

    I personally keep inside all of my aquariums Malaysian Trumpet Snails, as they not only mix up my sand substrate but tend to eat away any algae that is growing along the glass walls. My favorite aspect of them is that they burrow during the day so it appears as if there are no snails inside of the given aquarium. During the night however, they come out and eat anything that is left over while leaving any fish, other invertebrates, and each other alone and then disappear under the sand before I have my lights set to turn on in the morning.

  • Not sure what species they where, but I kept them. I did have huge egg laying issues. I solved that by combining two species that apparently ate each other's eggs. Turns out they do. Check out the second picture.


  • I see an good amount of snails in my location but I never would of keep them. Well lets say other family members won't like it and they get there hands cut off

  • I’ve kept mystery snails before. I was somewhat disappointed at their utility in doing anything for algae. They seemed to be monster waste creators. Strangely enough, I had a complete snail die off a bit over a year ago. I lost all my snails across 2 different tanks in a matter of 2-3 weeks. Fish and shrimp in those tanks were unaffected.

    I’ve always thought ramshorn snails were pretty. I’ve seen some amazing looking nerite snails (esp the red racer neriites) but have yet to keep any.

  • I never even considered keeping snails in my aquarium. I was also unaware of the benefits of having them in there. I think they'd definitely add another dimension to the setup I'm considering, but I'll have to do a little research first. Are there any pitfalls involved that anyone knows of?