What do you prefer?

  • It depends on the tank, lighting, and presence/absence of CO2. For simple low tech, low light tanks it’s hard to beat the various anubias species. Buce is also a fun option.

    I have one tank with high output LED lights. I tend to keep quite a few stem plants in there. Lobelia cardinalis, various bacopa species, and various hygrophyla species tend to do well in it. And I’m actually starting to fall in love with mosses. I now have 5 types of moss spread out over 3 tanks.

  • I would love to grow more from seed (more choices) but am limited by an often-gloomy climate and a small house surrounded on three sides by trees, so my indoor lighting options are basically nil.

    But, I'm not into plants that much

  • And I forgot to mention crypts. I’ve had some very nice luck with crypts lately. The key there is to buy from someone who grows their crypts submerged. Emersed grown crypts tend to melt like crazy when first introduced to a tank.

  • I have never tried to grow crypts. Never thought they where very nice looking plants.

    It’s funny how tastes change over time. I got into this hobby because I wanted colorful and unique looking fish. By now, I’m most intrigued by inverts and attractive mosses. Fish are almost secondary to me at this point.

  • I don't have a particular favourite, to be honest. But I do think that you should have plants because it just makes the aquarium look a bit better and full of life. It just adds something nice to the aquarium